the tol difference

We offer a range of services that have been tailored to suit different transcription needs. These range from Standard Verbatim, Proof Read Verbatim right through to Publication Ready – fully edited and formatted to save you time!

Our staff are qualified and experienced in many areas of transcription including:

Digital sound files can be securely uploaded directly to our Server. Click here to send us your files.

We take absolute care with your Tapes and CD's and offer a no-cost return to you once the job has been completed.


Some of our current clients include:

Federal and State Government Departments and agencies,
National and International Insurance, Human Resources and Business Consulting Companies,
Universities and other Researchers Establishments,
Graduate Students,

Whether we are transcribing Parliamentary proceedings or qualitative research interviews for PhD students, we maintain the highest quality at all times.

the tol advantage

TOL's advantage lies in having a large team of transcriptionists, all having different areas of expertise. We are able to match the best person to your subject matter. The benefit to our clients is consistency in language and formatting, faster turnaround and exceptional customer service.

And we save you money!
TOL charges by the Audio Minute. Therefore you are able to budget upfront to cover the transcription of your conference, business liaison meetings, research report etc.